Robot toys , why kids should play with them?

Programming a robot toy – why kids should play with them?

Why should kids play and learn about programming a robot toy?

First things first, let’s see what robots are and where are they used in our everyday life.

A robot is a complex device made by three elements :

1) Mechanical components

2) Electronics

3) Software

All robots have the ability to do precise automated tasks that humans can’t do, using their mechanical parts(actuators, wheels, gearboxes e.t.c), electronics (sensors, CPU ) and software that controls the previous two elements.

One great example of a robot in our ordinary life which we all use is the airplane which has all the above and drives in the air with a high precision movement.

Why should kids learn to program a robot ?

There is evidence that kids are responding very good with subjects that have to do with programming a robot toy.

Programming a robot toy is necessary to develop computational skills . Moreover these are five reasons why you should teach your kid robotics and coding:

1) Children have fun and learn in the process

In our experience kids are engaged with robot toys because robots are very interactive and the playtime is very immersive and fun. By programming a robot toy or an educational robot they will learn the basics of a programming language, they will develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking and math problem skills.

2) It is an effective way of introducing programming to kids

Programming can be really complex for kids. By programming a physical robot toy to do several tasks with precision,  kids can learn what their program is doing and they learn to programme through trial and error by watching the robot executing their program.

3) They acquire useful skills for future employment

With technology raising exponentially, many robots are becoming ubiquitous and enter our everyday life.  One good example is the drones which are used in many tasks in several industries, from wedding photo shooting till wind generator inspection. So with all these new robots coming into our everyday life, in the next decade, a huge need for programmers will be needed. By introducing educational robots to kids in an early stage we give them the necessary skills for the future .

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