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“All kids have the right to happiness and education of the next century”

Ioannis Ypatidis – Founder of Tutobo


Tutobo has been designed to help bring families together. To spend quality time together and to laugh together. Each story provides unique value to the kids. Our focus is to gamify STEM content that helps start conversations about new subjects or inspires activities that families can do together.

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As a parent, you’re juggling it all and technology can support your busy life. What if you could combine quality time with your kids while they learn and improve their STEM skills?


The team at Tutobo have brought together a fascinating educational toy robot with an intergalactic story. Engage your kids in a space adventure while they learn to code.


The story is entertaining for the whole family. We value togetherness just like you and not only at meal times. Let us lead you through a family coding adventure, one incredible story after another.



Get ready to meet the robot toy Tobo, an adorable alien! He lives on planet Ubu together with his companion robot, Max. What do they do on Ubu, you ask? They’ve got a very important job: keeping watch for strange space phenomena. One day, something extraordinary happens, disturbing the time and space of their galaxy. Now, Max and Tobo are lost in space! With the assistance of friendly Tobo, kids will learn computer programming using this amazing educational toy.

max&tobo Cartoon

Programming Max&Tobo educational robot

With a smart Device

max&tobo programming interface
a cartoon kid imagining


The first coding toy and robot toy that features a storyline. In other words, robotics and learning to code are combined with storytelling and game mechanics. This method inspires children to learn and explore their creativity.


image for coding


Besides being an adorable robot for kids, Max is a fun and easy coding robot toy. He can understand his world and follow commands with precision. We code and Max follows! We made coding for kids a fun process.

image for map


The game board is Max & Tobo’s world and the backdrop to an amazing adventure full of surprises. Interacting with the board, kids will have to complete a story comprising ten levels, with each level showing children how – and why! – coding works, all with the help of Max & Tobo and real robotic technology.

image for mobile app


It just takes an intuitive mobile application for kids to learn to program using Blockly, a language made specially for learning. Using coding toy Max, children will not only learn to code but also help guide Max & Tobo’s journey back home. Travelling the galaxy in the process! Learning has never been more fun.


image for innovation


Coding for kids, using the Intergalactic Adventures of Max & Tobo is the first ever storytelling coding game with a physical component. Help your child learn invaluable skills while playing in the real world!

image for astronaut


Most coding toys are just a series of input commands and mini-puzzles. Max & Tobo take your child on an immersive, complete journey through the galaxy that’s so much more! It’s ideal for children ages 6-9.

image for immersive experience


Up until now, coding story games have always been on a screen, but Max & Tobo is a real-life playmate! The robot moves and interacts with the story game board as your little space explorer codes and plays. The value of Max&Tobo as an educational toy is priceless


max&tobo packaging

The box includes:

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Our new product!

For team buidling businesses/ HR departments / Highschool Robot building events

Team Bots is an exciting team building activity that engages the entire team in the construction and decoration of a robot, designed to become a formidable war machine for participation in real Robot war challenges.

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