A new approach to teach coding to kids

A new approach to teach coding to kids

Educational robot toys, a new approach to teach coding to kids. Combined with visual programming such as scratch or blockly can offer an amazing experience to kids. Teach coding with educational robot toys engage kids to learn programming skills .

With educational robot toys like Max&Tobo, kids interact with a physical toy. At the same time, they can learn how to code a robot while having fun .

The visual programming language in the form of blocks makes sense to kids because they can see immediately their algorithm. While working in the real world. One of these visual programming languages is Blockly . This programming language has been made especially for kids and it is very easy to use because is easily understandable . Each command is represented as characters and images . In result it can transfer the knowledge from programming a robot toy to other programming languages.

Through educational coding toys, kids will develop critical thinking by solving mathematical problems. Also, they will have a very good introduction to computer science and programming.

Educational robot toys offer interactive feedback to kids about the effectiveness of their coding. This feature helps kids to gradually lead to a better and more effective and accurate solution to a specific problem.

Above all, kids are learning and having fun which is a very important step in the learning process of every kid.

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