Tutobo History

Tutobo was born in 2018 out of a desire to equip children with valuable skills . Skills they need to excel in a world that’s changing at a dizzying speed. Founder Ioannis Ypatidis was enjoying a successful career in robotics and automation. He realised that his son, a toddler with an aptitude for art and language, was not interested in learning to program educational robots. Perhaps he would be, Ioannis thought, if there was a colourful, imaginative story. That went along with it to grab his attention. This was the seed that blossomed into European educational robots company Tutobo at 2018. Already experienced in entrepreneurship from heading an industrial process automation company, Ioannis put together a team of talented young professionals full of ideas and got to work. Programmers, robotics engineers and teachers, they also all happen to be parents . Whose first-hand experience with the particularities of children as learners would prove invaluable. Their first product, Max & Tobo, combines educational robots and coding with storytelling. Engaging children 6+ years of age in a brand new way – and teaching them valuable skills in the process.